Mumbai is a city on the go, but don't expect to get anywhere fast. Around a million vehicles crowd the streets each day. You will certainly need to take an Uber/Ola cab, local taxi or rickshaw to get around (or, if you're arriving from the airport, you can also arrange a transfer with your hotel).

Uber/Ola Cabs: These cabs offer you a fast and cheap air-conditioned ride. You can book one using the Uber App/Ola App on your mobile phone.

Radio/ Cool Cabs: These taxis offer an air-conditioned, comfortable journey from one point to another throughout Mumbai.

Metered Taxi: The standard yellow and black metered taxis are the most cost-effective way to get around and are readily available. Many drivers don't speak English, so have the destination address written in English and Hindi.

Auto Rickshaws: These three-wheeled metered vehicles are used as public transportation and are the cheapest way of commuting northwards beyond Sion and Bandra suburbs in Mumbai. Rickshaws are not permitted to enter or ply within the southward city limits of Mumbai. Do have the destination address written in English and Hindi.

Shopping : Mumbai is not only famous for the malls that offer international fashion brands and labels, but is also home to a wide assortment of local markets, boutiques and shopping malls that sell almost everything. The markets are located in the suburbs and you can find the latest outfits, unique furniture, delicate brass work, exquisite paintings, home furnishings and so much more! Here is the link for local places and street shopping in Mumbai :